Pilates - Top Tips to get you started

Starting something new can be much so that it can often cause us to delay taking action and committing to new experiences. If this sounds familiar to you or you have ever heard yourself say "I've been meaning too...." ! Then I hope this blog will help you get into action and successfully place yourself right bang in the centre of a real life Pilates class sometime soon!

5 Key tips to get started in Pilates

  1. Find your class. Find a class that fits well with you. Spend some time to source a class that suits you, you want to feel comfortable and excited about heading along to a class. Finding a time, location and style of class that works for you will go a long way for helping you sustain regular Pilates practice.

  2. Space. Make space and time in your busy schedule to allow you to commit to regular Pilates, once a week is the ideal minimum to gain the benefits you wish to achieve from the class. As with most things, if we put in regular practice we gain more benefits. Creating a space in your schedule to allow consistency will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

  3. Patience. Good things take time and so do physical changes in our bodies. Be patience with your practice. Have realistic expectations and recognize the progress you make along the way. Small progress will build and amount to bigger changes with time.

  4. Embrace your teacher. Your Pilates teacher will be your easiest and most convenient source of knowledge and tips. Trust me, we are neither scary or perfect in our Pilates practice. Be confident to ask questions, seek feedback and suggestions. From my perspective, giving individual feedback and adjustments is a very rewarding aspect of Pilates teaching. A win/win for everyone!

  5. Listen to your body. I have saved what is probably the most important tip for last! Be honest and kind to your body. It is important to work to a level that is right for you, not for the person on the mat next to you.

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