Spring has Sprung!!

And just like that we Daylight Savings has happened, winter is done and dusted and summer is just around the corner!

Extra daylight & warmer weather = more energy....whoohoo! Now I hate to be the Pessimistic Irish person in the group (there is always one right?!), however, it is important to reign in those exercise endorphins that are just bursting at the seams to be used!

A sudden increase in training load just because the weather is good and it doesn't get dark until 8pm certainly sounds like a grand old time but those weary and possibly deconditioned body parts may not agree!

After a period of less activity over winter, our bodies respond well to a gradual increase in loading and activity. This will ensure you can build up to peak fitness levels over summer in a much safer way and be at a lot less risk of experiencing those pesky things called injuries!

So go forth and enjoy the daylight hours & weather....but try remember a few key points to ensure you can enjoy it all summer long!

  • Graded Load Increase - Gradually add more load to your weekly volume, whether you are tracking time or distance, ensure you build up your volume slow and steady! This builds fitness and stamina while reducing the risk of injury.

  • Be Consistent - Try not to be hit and miss with your exercise or hit peaks followed by troughs. Set a routine that allows you to keep at it on a regular basis over a period of time.

  • Schedule Recovery - It's easy to get caught up in setting out in minute detail the exercise we plan to do and completely overlook the recovery needed. Ensure you schedule your recovery which is just as important as your exercise. Without adequate recovery, we fail to gain the full benefits from our training.

  • Balance - Remember that good routine you committed to over winter....a weekly gym session or Pilates or Yoga class....yeah that one! Well keep it up!! You will be noticing the benefits by now and your body will only gain more benefits by continuing with this. And don't worry...if you haven't got around to making it a routine's never too late so put it down on your list too!

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